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The first impression of your wedding day starts the moment you send out wedding invitations– and nowadays, with all-things-modern, digital wedding invitations start to make their hit on a lot of couples. However, keep in mind of these etiquette of sending digital invites for your wedding day.

Why Go Digital

One great reason to choose digital invitations is the cost efficiency. They are much less expensive – considering no printing costs will be included. Using this kind of invites also points to the wide availability of styles, efficiency, and tools to manage guest lists. It can also help you save money in postal stamp and mailing fees, as you can just send it in a click. You can ask your guests to RSVP easily – even ask them to suggest songs ? as well as providing the location and hotel recommendations on the invitation page. Effective and eco-friendly!

Simple rules to use digital invitation

If you are considering this paperless invite, think about the kind of weddings you want. For instance, grand and formal weddings might still require paper invites, whereas for casual weddings with smaller party might not. As the younger, tech-lover guests would immediately jump on this idea, older invitees would likely to prefer the paper invitation, as they might not have an e-mail address and aren't really computer savvy. So before you decide on having a digital invitation, know exactly who are you inviting and find out what works with the whole wedding theme. Check out some of our vendors, like Aurecmedia, Tukar Cincin Invitation and Love Invitation, who are the experts on digital invitation design and service.

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